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Altın Dipper Tourism and Chefs Association is a professional association that 7 chefs came together and established in 07/05/2007. Mesut ÖNAL was appointed as the chairman at the general assembly of this association, and also the founding president, Mesut ÖNAL, by organizing various professional events, the title of the association and the Turkish chef's Turkish cuisine. efforts to increase its reputation have continued without slowing down and will continue on its way without slowing down.

We can list the aims of our Golden Dipper Tourism and Cooks Association as follows.

* To protect the dignity of the culinary profession

* To ensure the development of the culinary profession according to the requirements of the age.

* To ensure that the promotion of Turkish cuisine in the international arena is not on the agenda.

*To contribute to the provision of the necessary educational environments for the conscious practice of the Turkish Cookery profession.